We use distilled water in our dental lines and shock the lines monthly with a commercial disinfectant; however, can we use iodine drops in the water bottles daily to avoid the smell and tatse of other disinfectants and if so what concentration of iodine is needed?

Submitted by: Brent Kolb

No, you cannot simply add iodine to the dental unit water bottles for the following reasons:
> You cannot adequately regulate the amount of iodine added by simply adding drops. Drops are not approved by FDA for this purpose.
> Many people are allergic to iodine.
> The iodine is not only going into the waterlines, but also into the patient’s mouth – if not regulated, iodine can be ┬átoxic (and have offensive taste).
> Iodine products (DentaPure)  that are developed specifically for DUWLs are rigorously tested and approved by FDA and are effective and safe for use in water lines.