How important is the use of contrast medium with digital scanning?

When using CEREC AC, it is important to powder all areas of the tooth that you want to capture. Areas left unpowdered cannot be visualized by the camera. The sprays (CEREC Optispray, Sirona; IPS Contrast Spray, Ivoclar Vivadent) are very easy to apply in an even thickness. Accent (D4D Technologies) is a uni-dose contrast medium available for use with the E4D Dentist; however, its use is not essential. It aids in visualization in highly reflective areas such as an adjacent gold crown or areas of thin enamel with an inlay or onlay. Accent does not need to be applied to all areas and the thickness is not important. The laser scanner used with E4D Dentist can read the tooth structure so this contrast medium is simply to enhance areas that may be difficult to see.