Have you had patients complain of a bad taste with composite fillings?

Submitted by: Robert Hosack DDS

Answered by: Brent Kolb, DDS

Yes! Our editors and consultants have commented that their patients occasionally notice a bad taste following placement of resin-based materials (sealants, composites, bondings, resin cements, etc.). This is most likely due to the solvents and low molecular weight monomers present in most resin-based dental materials. The bad taste should resolve with a couple of rinses of water or within the hour.  

If your patients are commenting on bad taste for days or weeks following placement of composite fillings, this could be a sign there is something else wrong. If this is the case, be sure to check the following: Is the composite fully cured? Have you tested your curing light lately to be sure it is doing an adequate job? Is the curing technique and angle of the curing probe being closely monitored? Are you “dipping” your instrument into a resin wetting agent to prevent composite from sticking? Are you using compatible bonding agents and composites?