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XP Technology Instrument

American Eagle Instruments, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Excellent for root planing and scaling.”
  • “Good to have a few available for periodontal set ups.”
  • “Extremely lightweight – enhances tactile sensitivity.”
  • “The thin blade is effective in reaching into deep pockets.”
  • “Hygienists love not having to sharpen these instruments.”


XP Technology Instruments are curettes uniquely designed to eliminate the need for sharpening. They are treated with a patented process that hardens the stainless steel and then encapsulates the steel with a diamond-like layer. Since the instruments’ blades do not require sharpening, extra bulk is not necessary, and the blade is thin to enhance subgingival access. XP Technology Instruments are to be used for fine subgingival scaling and root planing. Currently a full line of Gracey curettes is available. The 1/2, 11/12, 13/14 and 15/16 styles were evaluated. All instruments are available with either a 0.95-cm stainless steel or resin handle; both were included in the evaluation. Twenty-seven consultants and hygienists used these instruments in over 300 patient cases during a three-month period.

Product Features

XP Technology Instruments are easy to use, and they maintain a very sharp edge. None of the scalers became dull during the evaluation period. Consultants found the scalers to be very effective for fine subgingival calculus removal and root planing. Both the resin and stainless steel handles are lightweight, and the wide handle diameter is comfortable to grip. Overall, XP Technology Instruments were rated very good. Eighty-two percent of consultants would highly recommend these instruments, and 72% would switch to them.Editors’ Note: Since our evaluation was conducted, the manufacturer has added Universal curettes to the XP line of instruments. A line of XP scalers was introduced in May 2005.