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Xeno IV (BG)


Consultants’ Comments

  • “Having only one component simplifies the bonding procedure.”
  • “Great system for pediatric patients because it is quick and has little odor.”
  • “Unit dose helps eliminate the evaporation issue that exists with an open bottle.”
  • “The unit-dose package is somewhat difficult to open.”


Xeno IV is a 7th-generation dental adhesive containing fluoride. It incorporates a self-etching, light-cured adhesive in a single component with no mixing required and is indicated for use with direct light-cured composite and compomer restorations. Xeno IV adhesive is based on a water/acetone formula with a new cross-linking agent, AHPMA, incorporated to enhance the adhesion between the adhesive layer and the uncured restorative material. Due to a special combination of monomers, no separate phosphoric acid etching of dentin or enamel is necessary and is, in fact, contraindicated. Two coats of Xeno IV are scrubbed for 15 seconds each into the prepared tooth, followed by five seconds of gentle air to evaporated the solvent, and then light-cured for 10 seconds. The self-etching formula creates a homogeneous bond layer to cover the dentin and enamel to help reduce postoperative sensitivity. This product is available in an introductory kit comprised of a 4.5-ml bottle of adhesive plus accessories or a unit-dose package with 100 unit-doses plus accessories. Twenty-six consultants evaluated the unit-dose package of Xeno IV in over 700 clinical applications. This product received a 93% clinical rating.

Product Features

Application of Xeno IV and the surface wetting of the tooth were both highly rated. The two coats provide a glossy surface after removal of the solvent with air. The unit-dose delivery was appreciated for providing fresh material at each application along with the lack of evaporation. There is adequate volume of adhesive in each unit dose for use on multiple preparations. The unit-dose container is too narrow to maintain a bend in the applicator brush when reinserted. A container with a wider opening would be preferred. Seventy-three percent of the consultants rated Xeno IV equivalent to or better than their current adhesive, while 54% would recommend it and 42% would switch.

Bond Strength to Tooth Structure, MPa

Enamel Dentin
Xeno IV 21 25

Clinical Tips

  • Xeno IV is not indicated for uncut enamel. Place a bevel on enamel when using for Class III, IV and V restorations.
  • Do not use phosphoric acid on dentin before placing Xeno IV. Phosphoric acid penetrates the dentin tubules too deeply and can lower the bond strength.

Editors’ Note:

The original evaluation was published in THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol. 22, No. 6, July/August 2005.