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x-tra base

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great radiopacity.”
  • “Adapts well.”
  • “Cures quickly.”
  • “Requires two layers.”
  • “Too translucent for some areas.”


x-tra base is a radiopaque flowable composite for use as a bulk-fill base layer in posterior restorations. x-tra base can be cured in 4 mm thick layers. The final occlusal layer should be finished with a minimum of 2 mm of universal/posterior composite. x-tra base can be used with any bonding agent and is available in Universal and A2 shades. x-tra base is supplied in 2 g NDT-syringes (non-dripping technology) and 0.25 g unit-dose capsules. Light curing time for the Universal shade is 10 seconds. The A2 shade cures in 20-40 seconds, depending on the light output. x-tra base was used by 28 consultants in 798 uses. This product received a 94% clinical rating.

Product Features

x-tra base is a flowable base material that adapts well to cavity walls and has a self-leveling effect. Light curing should be initiated promptly to avoid slumping of the material. The 4 mm depth of cure is useful for most cavity preparations, considering 2 mm of space must be left for the top layer of composite. Both the syringes and unit-dose capsules are easy to use and dispense the material without bubbles. The long needle tip of the capsule enhances visibility of the prepared tooth during placement. The material is quite translucent and does not have the ability to mask stained dentin. The quick curing time of the Universal shade and the depth of cure contribute to a quick procedure. Radiopacity of x-tra base was rated excellent. Thirty-two percent of consultants found x-tra base to be better than their current bulk fill composite; 50% found the product to be equivalent. Seventy-one percent of consultants would switch to x-tra base, and 86% would recommend it.