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Virtuoso Flowable

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Flows easily, yet stays where it is placed.”
  • “Adapts well to cavity walls.”
  • “The availability of all the Vita shades is beneficial.”
  • “There were occasional bubbles in the dispensed material.”


Virtuoso Flowable is a light-cured, flowable composite with fluoride release. This hybrid composite contains barium glass and submicron particles of silica. It is reported to have high flexural and compressive strengths with high radiopacity. The material may be used for small Class I, III, and IV restorations; repair of provisional restorations; blockouts; and as a sealant. The introductory kit contains four, 1-g syringes of shades A2, A3, B3, and C3 and 20 syringe tips. All 16 Vita shades are available in addition to clear and opaque shades. Twenty-four consultants evaluated Virtuoso Flowable in over 500 clinical applications. This product received a 95% clinical rating.


Product Features

The Virtuoso Flowable introductory kit has an adequate selection of shades along with the necessary accessories for most clinical cases. The material dispenses easily from the syringe, and the angled needle tip provides precise placement of the composite. It flows easily due to its low viscosity but has minimal slumping, which is beneficial for Class V restorations. The shades evaluated provide very good color match with the tooth structure. Conventional finishing and polishing result in a high surface luster for excellent esthetics. Ninety-six percent of the consultants rated Virtuoso Flowable equivalent to or better than their current product. Seventy-one percent would switch to Virtuoso Flowable, and 96% would recommend it