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Tetric EvoFlow

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The final restoration has a great polish. ”
  • “Very good radiopacity.”
  • “The material is easy to place and polish, and patients have not reported any sensitivity.”
  • “The material strings out from the syringe when pulling it away after placement.”
  • “I would have liked a smaller canula tip included in the kit.”


Tetric EvoFlow is a radiopaque, flowable, light-cured, nano-hybrid composite for small direct restorations and the cementation of indirect composite and ceramic restorations. It is indicated for Class III, IV, and V restorations and as an initial layer under Class I and II restorations. Additionally, it can be used for blocking out undercuts, splinting mobile teeth, and several other restorative procedures typically indicated for flowable composite. Tetric EvoFlow light cures in the wavelength range of 400-500 nm. Fourteen shades are available, including two Ivoclar shades for dark cervical restorations:

  • Enamel shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B3, IVA5, IVA6
  • Translucent incisal shade: T
  • Dentin shade: A3.5
  • Bleach shades: XL, L, I (bleach incisal), M (bleach medium).

Material is supplied in 2-g syringes and 0.2-g unit-dose capsules. Particle size is between 40 nm and 3000 nm with a mean particle size of 550 nm. Tetric EvoFlow is filled 57.5% by weight and 30.7% by volume. Twenty-five consultants evaluated Tetric EvoFlow 8-syringe assortment kit in over 670 restorations. This product received a 96% clinical rating.


Product Features

Consultants found Tetric EvoFlow to be an excellent product and particularly praised the product’s esthetics. Shade selection, ability to polish and final polish were the highest-rated characteristics. The color- coding of the syringe labels is very helpful in selecting specific shades from the kit. Some consultants suggested that a shade label be placed on the end of the plunger to further assist in shade identification. The instructions clearly explain procedures for indicated uses. Most consultants thought that the viscosity and stackability of Tetric EvoFlow were excellent, once dispensed. The material often continues to flow from the syringe after releasing pressure on the plunger. Ninety-two percent of consultants found Tetric EvoFlow to be equal to or better than their current flowable composite. Sixty-eight percent of consultants would switch to Tetric EvoFlow, and 92% of consultants would recommend it to a colleague.