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Tenure Uni-Bond with Gloss-N-Seal (BG)

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Gloss-N-Seal provided a smooth, shiny surface and left the restorations looking great!”
  • “Terrific product! I had a significant reduction in post-operative sensitivity.”
  • “They kept my anterior temporaries looking great, and patients were impressed by the life-like restorations.”
  • “Place Gloss-N-Seal in a bottle to reduce waste experienced with the foam sponges.”



Tenure Uni-Bond is a 6th-generation Type II self-etching bonding system. Parts A and B are mixed and applied to the dentin and enamel. Gloss-N-Seal, a light-cured resin, is then applied to the tooth surface before placing a restorative composite. Tenure Uni-Bond with Gloss-N-Seal may also be used for sealing completed composite restorations, glazing provisional restorations and resurfacing old composite restorations. The kit contains 6 ml of Tenure Uni-Bond A, 6 ml of Tenure Uni-Bond B, 3 g of Gloss-N-Seal on foam sponges, two dappen dishes, and 100 Multibrushes. Twenty-four consultants used Tenure Uni-Bond with Gloss-N-Seal in over 610 procedures. This product received a 92% clinical rating.


Product Features

Consultants appreciated the packaging, ease of dispensing, time required for the bond procedure, and the mild odor of Tenure Uni-Bond with Gloss-N-Seal. Many especially liked the viscosity of both Tenure Uni-Bond and Gloss-N-Seal and found that the ease of application and the wettability of tooth structure were exceptional. Many consultants felt that the foam sponges containing Gloss-N-Seal were too large, and they would prefer to dispense the material from a bottle. The most-liked feature was the lack of post-operative sensitivity using Tenure Uni-Bond with Gloss-N-Seal. The least-liked feature of Tenure Uni-Bond was the instruction card. Most consultants expressed the desire for simplified, illustrated instructions. Seventy-seven percent of consultants thought that Tenure Uni-Bond with Gloss-N-Seal was equivalent to or better than the current bonding agent they were using. Fifty percent of consultants would purchase Tenure Uni-Bond with Gloss-N-Seal, and 81% would recommend it.Editors’ Note: The original evaluation was published in THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol. 20, No. 10, December 2003.