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Tanda Pearl

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “The gel is thick and clings well to the teeth.”
  • “Great for patients with sensitive teeth.”
  • “Whitening improves with repeated use.”
  • “Nice packaging.”


Tanda Pearl is an ionic tooth whitening system that uses a dual-arch pre-formed tray. Tanda Pearl is available for patients to purchase in retail locations or from the dental office and is intended for home use. The silicone tray is a universal size and covers all tooth surfaces. The handle contains an activation button that produces a small current that activates the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The gel is 6% hydrogen peroxide with potassium nitrate. Recommended treatment time is five minutes twice a day for five days. The Tanda Pearl whitening system is available in an introductory kit with the tray and 20 tubes (5 mL) of gel or in whitening gel booster kits with 10 tubes. Battery life of the tray is estimated at two years or 50 uses. The system can be used as a whitening booster as needed. Tanda Pearl was evaluated by 14 consultants and 38 patients. This home whitening system received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

Tanda Pearl is presented in attractive packaging that includes the whitening materials, a case for the tray and instructions that are easy to follow. Consultants appreciated having a ready-to-go option for patients that does not involve custom trays. Sixty-four percent of the consultants would make Tanda Pearl available for purchase in their practices. Patients liked the quick five-minute treatment time with Tanda Pearl. Whitening results were judged to be similar to that achieved with other home whitening products. Patients reported minimal to no tooth sensitivity. Some gingival irritation occurred since there is no way to keep the gel off of the soft tissue. For patients with small mouths, the trays felt a little large or bulky. Sixty-eight percent of patients would continue to use Tanda Pearl. Eighty-six percent of consultants would use Tanda Pearl and would recommend it to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • After use, rinse the gel out of the tray. Do not immerse the handle in water.
  • Silicone portion of tray may be trimmed for a more custom fit.