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Sterling S495

Benco Dental

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very powerful for a small head.”
  • “Good handpiece for the price, and the two-year warranty is great.”
  • “Performs better than my Kavo.”
  • “Bright illumination.”
  • “Great access in tight spaces.”
  • “A little louder than my other handpieces.”


The Sterling S495 is fiber-optic, air-driven handpiece, designed with a small head for improved access and visibility. The handpiece incorporates double impeller technology for improved precision and stability and 20 Watts of power. A quick stop brake system with a rubber brake ring engages with the turbine axis, decreasing brake time significantly. A unique rotor design with 36 blades maintains high power and constant torque. The Sterling S495 is available in three attachment designs to fit common couplers. The K-style fits Kavo multiflex lux couplers; NK-style fits NSK couplers; WH-style fits the W&H Roto Quick coupler. Sterling S495 was evaluated during a two-month period in over 100 uses. This high-speed handpiece received a 95% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

Sterling S495 offers the combination of a small head size with powerful cutting ability. The access and visibility attributed to the small head make it a versatile handpiece for use in any situation. While some consultants found the torque to be lower than other, larger handpieces, it did not diminish their ability to complete procedures. The quick braking was superior to most other handpieces they had used. The versatility of three styles allows users to easily attach Sterling S495 to their existing couplers.