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Consultants’ Comments

  • “This product makes try-in of anterior esthetic restorations fast and easy.”
  • “Adhesive yet easy to remove.”
  • “Short mixing tips minimize waste.”
  • “Useful when trying in short molar crowns with minimal retention.”
  • “It is more retentive than glycerin try-in paste.”
  • “Stabilizes crowns by filling the cement gap, making adjustments easier and more accurate.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use a small amount of Stabiliner to avoid excess at the margins.
  • Clean the inside of the crown/veneer with alcohol after removal of Stabiliner.

is a crown and veneer try-in adhesive material composed of modified silicone. Stabiliner is designed to simulate the fit of the bonded restoration during try-in by providing a stabilizing liner of 25-30 microns. Stabiliner is indicated for the temporary stabilization of ceramic restorations on prepared teeth while the clinician evaluates fit and performs an esthetic assessment prior to permanent cementation. The adhesion of Stabiliner is sufficient to allow for adjustments in the mouth or on a die without risk of slipping, dropping, or fracturing associated with an unbonded restoration. Stabiliner allows the patient to speak, smile and occlude with secured restorations during try-in. Restorations are then removed with finger pressure, and clean-up is done by peeling Stabiliner out with cotton forceps, in one piece in most cases. Stabiliner is supplied in 5 mL automix syringes with 20 mixing tips. It is available in Standard Set for multiple units (90 second working time) or Quick Set, designed for single units (60 second working time). Stabiliner sets in the mouth in less than 4 minutes (Standard Set) or in less than 2 minutes (Quick Set). Stabiliner was evaluated by 29 consultants in 417 uses. This try-in adhesive received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features
provides stable retention of ceramic restorations during try-in and easy cleanup. Dispensing through the mixing tip delivers the material directly into the restoration. The majority of users preferred the Quick Set material. The translucency of Stabiliner simulates the appearance of colorless resin cement but is not intended to replace tinted try-in pastes for subtle shade refinement. Because it provides adhesion, it is possible to floss contacts and check occlusion without dislodging the restoration. For anterior cosmetic cases, Stabiliner is invaluable for allowing patients to sit up, smile and evaluate the esthetics without the fear of a crown or veneer coming loose. Stabiliner leaves no visible residue on the teeth and is easy to remove from the restorations by peeling it out with an explorer or cotton forceps. The material has a slight shimmer, aiding in visibility against the ceramic surface.