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Consultants’ Comments

  • “The berry scent and quick set make this a patient-friendly material.”
  • “The Half-Time setting material is ideal for single units.”
  • “Very accurate and detailed impressions.”
  • “Great handling and consistency.”
  • “All crowns fit very well.”
  • “Some cartridges seemed to have more air bubbles than others.”


SplashMax is a berry-scented VPS impression material featuring instant hydrophilicity, high tear strength, dimensional accuracy, and high-contrast colors. Its low contact angle, high tear strength, and 99.9% elastic recovery, results in highly detailed and accurate impressions. SplashMax is available in four colors and viscosities, two set times, and two delivery systems. Regular- set material has a setting time of 4:30; Half-Time sets in 2:15. SplashMax heavy and lite viscosities in Regular Set and Half-Time Set were evaluated by 29 consultants in 447 uses. This impression material received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

The berry scent of SplashMax was a hit with patients and the dental staff. The handling properties were rated very good as long as users worked swiftly with the half-time set material. The heavy (purple) and lite (green) had good color contrast, and while the colors are dark, margins are easy to read. Impressions can be scanned in the dental lab after being coated with powder. Scanning revealed small bubbles or porosities in some impressions, but it did not seem to affect the fit of the restorations. Overall SplashMax produced very good results in taking crown and bridge impressions.