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SmartView Sectional Matrix System

DentiSmart, LLC

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Nicely packaged system.”
  • “Great variety of band sizes.”
  • “SmartView Clips fit securely, even on short teeth.”
  • “Composite does not stick to coated bands.”
  • “SmartView Clip Forceps are too retentive – hard to disengage in the mouth. Shorter prongs on the forceps would be easier to use.”
  • “Rings cannot be stacked.”
  • “A shorter, angled clip would improve access.”


SmartView Sectional Matrix System is designed to create tight, anatomically accurate contacts on Class II composite restorations. The system includes SmartView Clips, SmartBands, SmartView Clip Forceps and SmartBand Forceps. The SmartView Clips are strong and flexible, work with any wedge and have interior and exterior placement locations. The contoured, stainless steel SmartBands have gingival extensions and an occlusal grip tab; bands are available with or without a non-stick coating. The SmartView Sectional Matrix System Deluxe Kit was evaluated by 10 consultants in 181 uses. This sectional matrix system received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

SmartView Sectional Matrix System is a complete kit that produced very good contacts in Class II composite restorations. The SmartView Clips fit securely and adapt around the tooth, resulting in minimal flash. The nylon tines are slightly pliable and seat low on the tooth to minimize flash. Stacking clips for restoration of multiple surfaces is a common procedure, and SmartView Sectional Matrix System is limited in use due to its inability to stack the bands. The thin, 0.001” SmartBands insert smoothly and are available in a useful range of sizes. The cervical extension on each band is substantial and is not necessary in all cases. Both the SmartBand Forceps and the SmartView Clip Forceps are made of blue titanium and have a lightweight feel; both are available in stainless steel as well. Ten percent of consultants reported that SmartView Sectional Matrix System was better than the matrix system they were using and 40% reported it was equivalent. Forty percent of consultants would switch to SmartView Sectional Matrix System and 50% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • SmartView Clips can double as a rubber dam clamp.


  • If multiple clips are necessary, they can be placed facing one another.