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Septodont Hand Cream


Septodont Hand Cream is marketed to the profession as a pleasantly scented moisturizing hand cream. The cream is provided in a 3 1/3 oz tube and is claimed to be non-greasy and protective to the hands. Septodont Hand Cream is highly recommended as a protective hand cream for use before and after wearing gloves. This product received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

“My hands did not have that itchy and burning feeling after using gloves all day” was the sentiment echoed by several of our consultants after using Septodont Hand Cream. In the areas of skin reaction, feel after using the product, and patient response to odor, it rated either excellent or very good. When asked about the reaction to gloves and glove powder, most consultants reported a decrease in irritation. Of the 21 clinical consultants who used the product during the evaluation period, 14 agreed that they would purchase the product. Of this group, eight stated that Septodont Hand Cream solved some skin problems for other staff members.

Editors’ Note:

This article was originally published in THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1994.