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Crosstex Surgical Face Masks with SecureFit Technology

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Masks have a good fit and are secure and comfortable.”
  • “I like the top and bottom strips for better adaptation/comfort.”
  • “Easy to breathe – does not fog up glasses.”


Crosstex Surgical Face Masks with SecureFit® Technology are a patent pending fluid-resistant, ear loop, disposable, single-use face masks. These face masks have an enclosed aluminum strip both above the nose and under the chin. The wearer pinches the strips to create a custom fit with a tight seal at the top, sides and bottom of the mask. Crosstex Surgical Face Masks conform to any size or shape face and are available in all three ASTM performance classifications.

  • Isofluid – low barrier (PFE = 98.5%@0.5 micron),
  • Procedural – moderate barrier (PFE = 99.6%@0.1 micron)
  • Ultra – high barrier (PFE = 99.7%@0.1 micron).

Each type has a fluid resistant outer layer; a white inner layer and aluminum nose and chin pieces, as well as, earloops that are ultrasonically welded to the outside of the mask to reduce irritation. All three types are sold in 50-count boxes. Crosstex Surgical Face Masks were evaluated by 37 consultants, in 1,830 uses, and received a 96% clinical rating.

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Product Features

The fit of Crosstex Surgical Face Masks was excellent. Consultants appreciated being able to snug it under the chin with the shorter aluminum strip. The longer (5 inch) aluminum strip adapts well to the bridge of the nose, providing a strong seal which reduced fogging of eyewear. Seventy-three percent of consultants reported that Crosstex Surgical Face Masks were better than their current face masks and 16% reported that they were equivalent. Seventy-six percent would switch to Crosstex Surgical Face Masks and 89% would recommend them.

Clinical Tips

  • Use Isofluid masks for exams and cases with little fluid or spray.
  • Use Procedural masks for most dental procedures where light to moderate aerosol is anticipated.
  • Use Ultra masks for long procedures or those producing moderate to heavy amounts of fluid.

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