Sanctuary Powder Free Black Latex Dental Dam (2020 Product Award)

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Excellent fit.”
  • “Great tear resistance.”
  • “Easy on the eyes, and great for photography.”
  • “Best rubber dam ever.”
  • “Firmness was great for cheek retraction.”
  • “Great color contrast. It made it easier to see into the root canals.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use the satin color side outwards.
  • Use for posterior quadrant dentistry.
  • Use the same cotton tipped applicator that was used to apply the topical anesthetic to lubricate the dental dam during placement. Once in place, the gel can be easily washed off with water spray.
  • You only need to punch the dam once.

Evaluation Highlights

Sanctuary Powder Free Black Latex Dental Dam was evaluated by 24 consultants for a total of 267 times.

  • Easy to use.
  • Tear-resistant.
  • Good fit.
  • Good color for contrast.
  • A variety of thicknesses and 2 sizes.


  • Oral procedures requiring use of a rubber dam.
  • Only suitable for patients with no known allergy to latex.

Unique Feature

The black color of the dental dam provides for good contrast in dental photography.


Sanctuary Powder Free Black Latex Dental Dam is powder-free, mint-scented and offers high tear resistance. It is fabricated using a proprietary cleaning technique that removes most of the proteins attributed to latex allergies. The dental dam is opaque and black.  Sanctuary Powder Free Black Latex Dental Dam is available in Medium gauge. The dam is packaged in pre-cut 6”x6” sheets (36/box).