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Rebilda Post System

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Complete kit; good size selection.”
  • “This is the most complete packaging I have seen.”
  • “Excellent match of drills to post taper.”
  • “Smaller posts and extra drills would be great additions to this kit.”
  • “Include the bonding procedure on the quick reference card.”


The Rebilda Post System is a complete kit that includes the Rebilda Post, a radiopaque, translucent fiberglass post. It is indicated for use in endodontic post build-up for support and anchorage of coronal restoration in situations with insufficient tooth structure. Posts have corresponding drills, are color-coded and are supplied in three sizes: 1.2, 1.5, and 2.0 mm. Also included in the kit are Rebilda DC core build-up material and FuturaBond DC dual-cured, self-etch adhesive. The kit includes application aids like endo tips for the cementation and endo brushes for the adhesive application. The Rebilda Post System was evaluated by 28 consultants in 212 clinical cases and received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

Rebilda Post System features all necessary materials in one kit. Each fiberglass post is individually sealed and has easily identifiable color-coding on the package that matches the color of the drill. A quick reference card is conveniently located inside the lid of the kit so that when the kit is opened for use, the card is easy to read. The taper and sizes of the posts were well received, and evaluators reported the drills cut very efficiently. Rebilda Post System contains Futurabond DC. Having a self-etching adhesive that is compatible with the core material is an asset to the system. Both the adhesive and the Rebilda DC core material are dual-cured and may be used to both lute the post and form the core. Overall, evaluators reported that the Rebilda Post System was comprehensive and easy to use. Sixty-four percent of consultants rated Rebilda Post System better than their current post system and would switch to it, while 61% would recommend the productto colleagues.

Clinical Tips

  • Use a conservative amount of core material in the canal. Overfilling could prevent the post from seating completely.
  • Briefly light cure the initial layer of core material to tack it in place, then incrementally add material until final contours are achieved.