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Quadrant Anterior Shine

Cavex Holland BV

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Packaging is exceptional – wow!”
  • “Quadrant Anterior Shine is easy to sculpt.”
  • “Material is creamy and handles nicely.”
  • “Blends nicely with tooth.”
  • “Color-code the capsules for easy identification.”
  • “Increase the selection of light shades and translucent shades.”



Quadrant Anterior Shine is a light-cured, radiopaque, Bis-GMA, micro-hybrid composite. It is filled 63% by volume and 74% by weight. The composite is indicated for Class III, IV, and V restorations and is available in 15 shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, B3, C2, C4, D3, OA2, OA3.5, Dark, Incisal, and Bleach. Fluorescent pigments increase the vitality of the restored teeth. The refractive index of the barium glass helps the restoration to blend into the cavity preparation. Quadrant Anterior Shine is available in 0.25-g unit-dose capsules and 4-g syringes. The starter kit contains five syringes or 50 capsules of composite (shades A2, A3, A3.5, AO3.5, and Incisal), a 2.5-ml syringe of Quadrant Total Etch (20% phosphoric acid), a 4-ml bottle of Quadrant Uni-1-Bond, and accessories. A custom kit of Quadrant Anterior Shine, including a complete shade selection and accessories all in a plastic storage container with capsule holder slots, was evaluated by 34 clinical consultants in 323 restorations. This composite received an 88% clinical rating.


Product Features

The extensive instructions for Quadrant Anterior Shine include color photographs of step-by-step cases. The packaging is excellent and the kit complete. The composite syringes and unit-dose capsules dispense the material with moderate pressure. The viscosity allows for easy dispensing and adaptation of the composite to the tooth, but composite did stick to instruments. The material stacks well and readily adapts to the tooth. The shade match before and after curing and the blending of the composite are very good. Long bevels of the cavity preparation will result in a smooth color transition from tooth to composite. The composite is easy to finish, and a high-gloss polish can be achieved. Final esthetics of the restorations received high marks. Sixty-three percent of consultants found Quadrant Anterior Shine equal to or better than their current anterior composite, 50% would switch to it and 75% would recommend it to a colleague.Editors’ Note: The Cavex Quadrant line of restoratives also includes Quadrant Universal LC for anterior/posterior use and Quadrant Posterior Dense for posterior use.