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Provisa Cem SE

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “The translucent shade has the greatest clinical usefulness.”
  • “Effective all-around cement.”
  • “Excess cement is easy to remove in the gel stage.”
  • “Good radiopacity.”
  • “Works just as well as other self-adhesive cements.”
  • “Plunger fits loosely in the syringe for the first few uses.”

Clinical Tip

Tack cure for two seconds on buccal and lingual surfaces for easy removal of excess cement.


Provisa Cem SE is a self-adhesive resin cement indicated for the luting of indirect restorations and posts made from ceramic, metal, and composite. Provisa Cem SE and requires no bonding or etching agents, has a working time of 2:15, a set time of 3:30, and requires no refrigeration. Provisa Cem SE is designed to offer ideal viscosity, a homogenous mix, high adhesion to all substrates, ease of use, easy clean-up, and radiopaque properties. Provisa Cem SE is supplied in a 5 mL automix syringe with 15 mixing tips and is available in three colors: Transparent, Universal, and Opaque. Provisa Cem SE was used by 24 consultants during a three-month evaluation period. This self-adhesive resin cement received an 86% clinical rating.


Product Features

Provisa Cem SE is designed to be placed directly into the restoration with the automix tip. It stays in place, being neither too runny nor too thick. The shades are adequate for the majority of clinical cases, and its compatibility with multiple materials makes it a versatile cement for daily use. The creamy viscosity allows complete seating of restorations with minimal pressure. Self-curing takes a bit longer than desired, but utilizing a brief light exposure to activate the dual–cure feature allows removal of excess cement right away. The single step application of Provisa Cem SE makes it a simple cement to use.