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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great product; it’s nice to have a variety of flavors.”
  • “Worked quickly.”
  • “Convenient, easy to apply.”
  • “Would like to see pain relief last longer.”


ProJel-20TM is a 20% benzocaine topical anesthetic gel packaged in 12 g tubes for distribution to patients and 60 g jars for use in the operatory. The gel is indicated for temporary relief of pain associated with minor irritation or injury in the mouth and gums or of pain due to canker sores, denture sores or orthodontic appliances. ProJel-20 is available in four flavors: Cherry, Pina Colada, Bubblegum and Mint. ProJel-20 was evaluated by 19 consultants and 52 patients with nearly 400 uses. It received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

Patients found ProJel-20 to provide fast and effective pain relief more successfully than over-the-counter remedies; however, there was unanimous desire for the effect to last longer. Patients reported no bitter aftertaste from the dye-free flavoring. The packaging of ProJel-20 in a small plastic tube was rated highly by both patients and consultants for its convenience and ease of use. Consultants reported that ProJel-20 was most useful for denture and canker sores. Fifty-three percent of patients and consultants reported ProJel-20 the same as their most frequently used product, while 43% rated itas better. Eight-four percent of patients reported they would continue to use the ProJel-20.Sixty-five percent of consultants would recommend ProJel-20 to colleagues.