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Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Whip Mix Corp

Consultants’ Comments

  • “My hands feel silky and smooth after using Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer.”
  • “No strong odor.”
  • “The bottle looks attractive and professional.”
  • “The liquid does not leave a sticky residue like gels do.”
  • “Shorten the nozzle to allow one-handed dispensing.”

Clinical Tips

  • For maximum effectiveness, hand sanitizers should keep the skin wet for 15-20 seconds.
  • Place the bottle in an area where overspray from the mist will not damage countertop, wall or other surfaces.

Unique Features

  • Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer pump produces a fine mist that is easy to spread and dries quickly, making it easy to don gloves.

Evaluation Highlights

  • Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer was evaluated by 29 consultants in 1675 uses.
  • The fine mist covers a large surface area and can be spread around quickly.
  • Gloves slide on easily immediately after application of Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer.
  • Hands feel soft without excessive dryness over time.
  • The mild alcohol odor disappears quickly.


Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer contains 72% ethanol alcohol and kills germs associated with cross contamination. It was specifically designed for use in the dental operatory and lab with the use of gloves. Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer dries quickly and contains emollients to minimize dry skin.