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PinkBand Dental Solutions, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Does not stick to composite.”
  • “Improved moisture control.”
  • “Thin, flexible band that does not collapse during placement.”


PinkBand® is a silicone-coated matrix band for use when placing composite restorations. The silicone coating may provide an additional seal against moisture contamination within the confines of the band, and it can also facilitate removal of the band. PinkBand® is a Tofflemire-style band and is available in Universal, Pedo and Subgingival sizes. Bands are available in both Regular 0.0015″ and Ultra Thin 0.001” thicknesses in packages of 25. PinkBand ® was evaluated by 27 dental consultants who placed 479 composite restorations in patients. The silicone-coated matrix band received a 98% clinical rating.

Product Features

PinkBand® was chosen due to the improved moisture control over standard and sectional matrix bands. The silicone coating also prevented the composite from sticking to the band, making the removal smooth and easy. All sizes fit retainers well. 80% of dental consultants rated PinkBand® better than other matrix band systems they are currently using and 20% rated it equivalent. 100% of dental consultants would switch to Pink Band® and would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Open interproximal contact to ease placement.
  • Proper wedging is essential.
  • To prevent tearing, do not over-tighten band.
  • Burnish the band against the adjacent tooth with a rounded instrument.
  • May need to hold the band against the adjacent tooth with an instrument to achieve proper contact.