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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Nice variety of sizes.”
  • “Internal monitor ensures identification of successful sterilization.”
  • “A little expensive, especially for a high volume disposable item.”


PeelVue+ is a self-sealing disposable autoclave pouch used in steam and chemical sterilization. PeelVue+ pouches are available in 12 sizes, feature a patented internal processing indicator and are printed with lead-free ink on medical grade, non-recycled paper. The product features a strong seal using dry-edged single-bar seal tape for easy peel and seal (even with gloves). Three pouch sizes were evaluated, 2.25″ x 4″, 3.5″ x 9″ and 5.25″ x 12″. Twenty-four consultants evaluated PeelVue+ in over 3,000 applications.

Product Features

Consultants evaluated several features of PeelVue+ including ease of opening and closing the pouches, usefulness of the various sizes readability and value of the internal indicator, and overall quality of the pouch. Consultants rated all features very highly, and found instruments were easy to identify through the clear plastic side of the pouch. Overall quality of the pouch was also rated very highly. Most consultants were using distributor-brand sterilization pouches in their offices. Thirteen of the 24 consultants would switch to PeelVue+, and 92% responded that they would recommend this product.

Editors’ Note:

CDC guidelines currently recommend use of an internal indicator.