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ParaPost Taper Lux

Coltene/Whaledent, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The posts have a retentive head design. ”
  • “The natural color of the posts enhances esthetics, especially in the anterior.”
  • “Excellent product! ParaPost has been around for a long time and this is their best product.”
  • “It is a big help that the drills are color-coded to the posts.”


ParaPost Taper Lux is a tapered, glass-fiber post with unidirectional fibers in a resin matrix. The radiopaque post is translucent, allowing for cementation with light-, dual-, or self-cured resin cements. The post has a rounded, undercut, three-sphere head design for core retention and a 0.04 taper at the end for narrow canals. Any composite core material can be used for the core build-up. Four standard ParaPost diameters are available (4.5, 5, 5.5, and 6) and each is color-coded for ease of identification. The kit contains five posts each in sizes 4.5 (blue) and 5 (red), three posts in size 5.5 (purple), two posts in size 6 (black), and a universal driver. The four tapered drills in the kit have an extra black band to distinguish these drills from the parallel set (ParaPost Fiber Lux). Thirty consultants used the ParaPost Taper Lux in 231 clinical applications. This product received a 98% clinical rating.


Product Features

The ParaPost Taper Lux is packaged in the standard ParaPost color-coded plastic container with separate wells for the drills and the posts. The four available diameters were reported to be adequate for the clinical situations that were encountered. The drills prepare the tooth effectively with minimal pressure to produce a post space that is well sized to the corresponding post. Post length is easily trimmed with a diamond bur. One or two of the three spheres on the rounded head can be cut for length adjustment, leaving adequate retention for the core material. The tapered end of the post reduces the potential for over-preparation of the apical end of the canal and possible perforation. The translucency of the post gives the operator options for cementation of the post with light- or self-cured resin cements. The radiopacity of the cemented posts was rated as very good compared to other fiber posts. Ninety-three percent of the consultants judged the ParaPost Taper Lux equal to or better than the post they were currently using, while 68% would switch to the ParaPost Taper Lux and 93% would recommend it.