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ParaPost Fiber LUX

Coltene/Whaledent, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Simple to use, well organized, good selection of sizes.”
  • “Esthetically pleasing results.”
  • “Head design enhances core material retention.”
  • “Best post I have used in years.”
  • “Color coding is a plus.”
  • “Tapering the end of the post would improve seating.”
  • “Not always easy to open the box.”
  • “Make wells deeper in packaging to hold posts in place.”


ParaPost Fiber Lux is made of translucent fiber/resin that reflects the natural hues of the tooth resulting in esthetic composite or ceramic restorations. It is made of 60% uni-directional glass fibers and 40% resin, giving it excellent strength. The translucency enhances light transmission and allows improved light curing of cements and core materials. The head of the post is round to minimize areas of stress concentration. ParaPost Fiber Lux comes in six sizes; each is color coded for easy identification and is compatible with the ParaPost drills. Each introductory kit contains six drills, 15 posts, and a hand driver. The ParaPost Fiber Lux was evaluated by 25 consultants and used in over 122 clinical cases requiring the use of posts.


Product Features

ParaPost Fiber Lux was very well received by an overwhelming majority of consultants. They assigned very favorable ratings to the packaging, the delivery system, and its ease of use. The available sizes are adequate both in length and diameter, and the head design provides good retention of a composite core material. The translucent nature of ParaPost Fiber Lux allows complete curing of cements and/or composite cores. The posts are easy to trim to length when needed and sit passively in the prepared space. Consultants commented favorably about the radiopacity of the posts. Seventy-two percent of consultants found ParaPost Fiber Lux was better than the post they were using, while 28% said it was equivalent. Ninety-two percent indicated that they would switch to the ParaPost Fiber Lux and recommend it to colleagues.


Clinical Tips

  • Use reamers in sequential order to avoid a misdirected post space.
  • Use under anterior composite build-up when the patient cannot afford a crown.