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Consultants’ Comments

  • “It really works! I found that patients responded very well and loved that the numbness wore off faster than normal.”
  • “Patients appreciated having an option to reverse the effects of anesthetic.”
  • “I had patients report that the injections sites were more sore, tender and sometimes bruised due to an additional injection.”


OraVerse® is a local anesthesia reversal agent that accelerates the return to normal sensation and function for patients after routine dental procedures. It is a formulation of phentolamine mesylate and is recommended for adults and children age 6 and older and weighing 33 lbs or more. OraVerse is dispensed in a standard dental cartridge marked with a green label for ease of identification. It is administered by injection with a standard dental syringe in the same injection site as that used for the local anesthetic. OraVerse is used in a 1:1 ratio to local anesthetic. Each package includes 10, 1.7 mL cartridges and prescribing information. OraVerse was used by 16 consultants in 128 cases. Seventy-five patients responded to surveys. OraVerse received a 93% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants commented that OraVerse was easy to use and effective. Cartridges are well marked to differentiate it from anesthetic. Consultants reported that some patients experienced more soreness or bruising from the additional injection. Most of the patients responded that numbness wore off quickly – within an hour – and they tolerated OraVerse well. Ninety-three percent of patients surveyed felt that OraVerse was effective at lessening the amount of time they were numb. Eighty-four percent of patients reported that OraVerse improved their dental experience and they would request it again. Seventy-five percent of consultants would continue to use OraVerse in their practice and 94% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Ratio is 1:1 – use one cartridge of OraVerse for each cartridge of anesthetic.

  • The maximum recommended dose of OraVerse is two cartridges in patients age 12 or greater, one cartridge in children age 6-11 years and weighing over 66 lbs, and one half cartridge in children 6-11 years and weighing 33 to 66 lbs.

  • OraVerse is not indicated in children under 6 years of age or weighing less than 33 lbs.

  • Do not use after invasive procedures such as endodontic treatment or surgery, where post-operative discomfort is anticipated.