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Optimum Diamonds

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Fast cutting and clog resistant.”
  • “Durable through multiple sterilization cycles.”
  • “Optimum Diamonds perform as well as my current brand.”
  • “I prefer single-use disposable diamonds.”


Optimum Diamonds are multi-use, friction-grip burs designed to cut quickly with minimum vibration while producing less heat. The burs are manufactured using a specialized HBN plating technique to enhance the bond and equalize distribution of the grit. This process may result in less pressure being required on the prepared tooth, reducing the load on the handpiece turbine. The manufacturer reports each diamond bur is microscopically tested for quality assurance. Optimum Diamonds are available in five-count packages and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Optimum Diamonds were evaluated by 23 consultants in 694 uses. These diamond burs received an 89% clinical rating.

Product Features

Optimum Diamonds are high quality, long-lasting burs, and many consultants noted that they cut as well as their currently-used name brand burs. They cut fast with precision and minimum vibration. Concentricity and fit in the handpiece were rated excellent. The wide selection of options allowed consultants to choose burs in similar sizes, shapes and grits to which they were accustomed. Burs are packaged in a five-count blister pack on a cardboard backing. Consultants would have preferred individual packaging for more efficient storage.

Key Features

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