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Neogard® Polychloroprene Exam Gloves


Consultants’ Comments

  • “For a non-latex glove, it is very good. They stretch better than other non-latex gloves I have used.”
  • “Does not create tension on my hands”
  • “Loved the grip feature on the fingertips.”
  • “Very soft and flexible.”
  • “Sizes run large.”


Neogard® examination gloves are latex-free, ambidextrous, single-use gloves. They are available in 100-count boxes in extra-large, large, medium, small, and extra small. Their polychloroprene formulation provides soft and stretchy comfort, excellent tactile sensitivity, grip, and strength, while a polymer coating allows for easy donning. The gloves are green with textured fingertips. Neogard® examination gloves were evaluated by 53 consultants in 1,997 uses. This polychloroprene glove received an 88% clinical rating.

Product Features

Neogard® examination gloves stretch to provide a comfortable fit with very good tear resistance. The gloves are easy to don and remove and feel more flexible than nitrile gloves. The gloves provide a secure grip, even when wet. Many consultants commented on the good fit of Neogard® gloves, while others mentioned they were a little large. The gloves are heavy enough to resist tearing yet allow good tactile sense. Neogard® gloves were found to be highly comfortable over long periods of use. Consultants appreciated the latex feel of the polychloroprene gloves, without the disadvantages of latex.

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