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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Shades blend well with enamel.”
  • “Good radiopacity.”
  • “Creamy, smooth application.”
  • “Final polish was gorgeous and easy to achieve.”
  • “Soft composite is sticky to instruments.”
  • “Unit-dose compules need to be labeled with the name of the composite.”


NanoCeram-Bright Is a light-cured, radiopaque, universal nano-hybrid composite restorative material. It is formulated with mixed oxide inorganic particles with an average size of 20 nm, evenly distributed in the resin matrix. NanoCeram-Bright is indicated as a direct restorative for all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth and as a direct veneering restorative material. It is packaged in 4 g syringes and unit-dosed compules and is available in 20 VITA shades. NanoCeram-Bright was evaluated by 36 consultants in 964 uses. This universal composite received an 87% clinical rating.

Product Features

NanoCeram-Bright was used in all areas of the mouth and produced very esthetic restorations. The composite blends well with enamel, having enough opacity to mask darkness yet some translucency for a vital appearance. Ratings for the handling of the composite varied; some consultants liked the soft, creamy consistency and others preferred a stiffer, more packable material. Shade match after curing is very good. NanoCeram-Bright is easy to finish and polish to a smooth, glossy surface.

Key Features


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