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Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “I like this product – it is not greasy, absorbs quickly, and has a mild scent.”
  • “It didn’t leave a slimy residue on my hands like some gels do.”
  • “I loved that it did not adversely affect my hands and in fact, conditioned my skin to be smoother and less irritated.”


Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer is designed to sanitize and moisturize hands. The active ingredient is ethyl alcohol (62%). Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer keeps skin hydrated and soft for up to two hours. According to the manufacturer, the product meets performance criteria as a healthcare personnel hand wash, meets FDA requirements for a surgical scrub, has a five-second MRSA and VRE claim, does not inhibit the residual activity of CHG on skin when used together, and rubs in quickly with no greasy or sticky feel. Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer is provided in a nine-ounce can with wall bracket or 2,2oz personal size.  . Thirty-seven consultants used Moist SURE Liquid Sanitizer in 1427 uses. It received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer is convenient to use, especially from the wall-mounted canister. If not wall-mounted, the can may be placed on a countertop and held upside down for dispensing from the nozzle. Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer is meant to be used on clean hands by dispensing a golf ball-sized amount of foam into the palm and rubbing it on all hand surfaces until dry. A 20-second rub is considered adequate time for effectiveness. After drying, a light baby powder scent is noticeable. After complete drying of skin, gloves are easy to don and remove. Some consultants considered the length of time to dry their hands too long. Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer received good ratings for long-term skin response. Forty-nine percent of consultants reported that Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer was better than the hand sanitizer they were using, while 32% said it was equivalent. Sixty-two percent of consultants reported that they would switch to Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer and 78% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Follow the directions on the amount of foam to use. Do not use too much – it takes a long time to dry if you have too much foam.
  • After the 20-second rub, continue rubbing hands to hasten drying.
  • Allow enough time for hands to dry before donning gloves.
  • When using the wall-mounted dispenser, pushing the nozzle, rather than pulling it, gives greater control over the amount dispensed.