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Mini Ergo and Mini 90 Disposable Prophy Angles

Pac-Dent International

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The smaller size is excellent for visibility.”
  • “Overall performance of the angle is very smooth.”
  • “I like that they are pre-sterilized.”
  • “Soft cup is just right for all of my patients.”
  • “I was very pleased with the quietness of this angle.”
  • “The cup adapts to teeth and does not get hot.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use the Pedo size Mini Ergo to polish around ortho brackets.
  • Angles are color coded by cup style: Firm is a champagne color; Soft and Pedo are turquoise.


Mini Ergo and Mini 90 Disposable Prophy Angles are equipped with a small head and feature a slim profile. The Mini Ergo and Mini 90 are designed to provide increased visibility and better access to all areas of the mouth. The prophy cups are latex free and have internal webs and external ribbing. The Mini Ergo has a contra-angle head, and the Mini 90 has a right-angle head. Both versions come in a choice of three prophy cup designs: Firm, Soft, and Pedo. The angles are individually packaged and are Gamma- irradiated for patient safety, reducing the risk of infection. Mini Ergo and Mini 90 were evaluated by 31 consultants in 1,905 uses. These disposable prophy angles earned an 88% clinical rating.



Clinical Observations

The small size and narrow neck allow access to tight spaces, especially the buccal surfaces of maxillary molars. Mini Ergo and Mini 90 are well built with a sturdy feel. The angles run smoothly and quietly. The Mini Ergo is angled similar to a dental instrument for ease of positioning; the Mini 90 head is at a right angle to the shank, like traditional prophy angles. The ribbing on the external surface of the cup aids in efficient polishing by adapting to concavities and embrasures. Minimal splatter is produced. The firm cup has less adaptation to subgingival areas.