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Micro-Touch® Denta-Glove® Green Neoprene

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Soft and silky, stretchy and flexible – no finger  fatigue, they felt like a second skin.”
  • “Easy to don.”
  • “They ran a little smaller than we are used to.”
  • “Excellent tactile sensitivity. Felt more secure than  nitrile gloves when handling instruments.”
  • “Great fit, without being too tight at the palm and wrist.”
  • “The size seemed slightly larger than other gloves I’ve tried, but they were  very comfortable.”
  • “My hands felt sticky after wearing them.”

Clinical Tips

  • Be patient when removing them from the box.
  • Easy to don but open the glove before putting your hand in.
  • Check the sizing. I was more comfortable in a size down than I normally wear.
  • This is the glove to use for longer procedures.

Evaluation Highlights

Micro-Touch Denta-Glove Green Neoprene examination gloves were  evaluated by 41 consultants, with a total of 1645 uses.
  • Comfortable.
  • Flexible and elastic.
  • Good fit and availability of sizes.
  • Durable and resistant to tearing.
  • Good tactile sensitivity.


  • Nonsurgical patient procedures.

Unique Features

  • Textured fingertips for a secure grip.
  • Innovative film technology for comfort and grip.
  • Great wet grip.
  • Stretchable.
  • ERGOFORM™ ergonomic design technology to help reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Low to no odor


Micro-Touch® Denta-Glove® Green Neoprene (polychloroprene) examination  gloves are non-sterile, latex- and powder-free, and single-use disposable. They incorporate ERGOFORM™, an ergonomic design technology that helps to reduce muscle fatigue, especially during long procedures. In addition, the gloves feature an innovative film technology and textured fingertips to improve grip and comfort and are stretchy, flexible, strong, and tear-resistant. They also have excelled wet grip properties. Micro-Touch Denta-Glove Green Neoprene examination gloves are  available in boxes of 100 in extra small, small, medium and large sizes, and in boxes of 90 for extra-large gloves.