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Iris Instrument Cassettes

Benco Dental

Consultants’ Comments

  • “It was nice to have room for all of the instruments for the required procedure laid out in one cassette.”
  • “They are very well built and stay locked.”
  • “Instruments stay secure, even when cassettes are stored on edge.”
  • “High quality material and design – should last a very long time.”
  • “Need to stock extra size of pouches or wraps to sterilize the medium and large size cassettes.”
  • “A black anodized finish inside the cassette would give good contrast with instruments.”
  • “The medium size did not fit in the Statim 5000.”


Iris Instrument Cassettes are designed to safely and securely hold dental instruments throughout the sterilization process. They are available in three sizes: five-instrument (7” x 3”), 10-instrument (7” x 6”), and 16-instrument (7” x 11”). The stainless steel cassettes contain silicone insert rails that are available in five colors: blue, yellow, purple, red, and green. The tops and bottoms separate and are interchangeable. Additional venting along the ends promotes full steam penetration. Iris Instrument Cassettes were evaluated by 23 consultants in 624 uses. These instrument cassettes received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

Iris Instrument Cassettes lock easily, holding instruments intact through cleaning and sterilization. Instruments are stable in the silicone rails, and auxiliaries reported that they liked the color coding for identification of contents. The top and bottom sections of the cassettes connect securely; the lock can be gripped and turned even with wet gloves. Size selection was a factor of individual preference, as the Iris Instrument Cassettes sizes did not correspond to those of other brands. The large size is ideal for operative procedure set-ups and includes open space for miscellaneous items. The medium size was used mainly by dental hygienists.