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Hg Containment System (2015 Product Award Winner)

Consultants’ Comments

  • “No expensive filters to replace.”
  • “No more cleaning of the suction trap!”
  • “The removal service is quick and quiet – I didn’t even know the service was here.”


The Hg Containment System is a containment unit and removal service for management of mercury and amalgam in dental wastewater. This system includes a gravity unit with patented, filterless technology that is designed to be plumbed into any wet or dry vacuum system. As opposed to amalgam separators which use filtration, the Hg Containment System is reportedly the only system on the market providing 100% containment of mercury and amalgam. This dual-tank system consists of an upper pressure tank and a lower holding tank. The system is plumbed into the vacuum line between the pump and the main suction line from the operatories and collects the solid waste before reaching the vacuum unit and trap. Visual inspection of the site tube on the lower tank should be performed weekly. Every 60 days, the system is emptied by Anterior Quest, and the waste is taken to a licensed disposal facility for safe recycling. The tank can be emptied directly, or an output line can be plumbed to the outside of the building for service without disturbing those in the office. The Hg Containment System is fabricated from 12-gauge stainless steel and is available in four standard sizes (30, 60, 90 and 120 gallon capacities), depending on the office’s needs. The manufacturer also designs custom-made units when necessary due to size or space requirements. The manufacturer claims guaranteed compliance with government standards requiring installation of an amalgam separator with 95% or greater efficiency. The Hg Containment Series comes with a two-year limited warranty. Hg Containment System was evaluated by 20 consultants over a six-month period. This system earned a 99% clinical rating.

Product Features

The Hg Containment System provides a solution for removal of mercury and amalgam from dental wastewater in a manner that is virtually maintenance free. It runs in the background, providing dentists with peace of mind that this solid waste is being handled in a manner that exceeds the compliance standards. The ability to customize the unit to fit into available space is considered to be a unique and valuable feature. One hundred percent of consultants rated the Hg Containment System better than various amalgam separators they have used. One hundred percent would switch to the Hg Containment System and 100% would recommend it to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • Watch the fluid window – call for service if the tank is full.

  • Continue to use a non-foaming enzymatic cleaner for the suction lines.

Editors’ Note:

Read more about Anterior Quest’s Hg Containment System in THE DENTAL ADVISOR Clinical Case Report No. 31, November 2012, available at