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HemoCell Topical Hemostatic Gauze Dressing

Xlent Dental Products Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very effective at clotting lacerations, even on the tongue.”
  • “I can custom fit it to socket contours.”
  • “Excellent hemostasis.”
  • “Great item to keep in a first aid kit.”
  • “Instructions could be more clear.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use dry gloves or forceps to place HemoCell since it becomes sticky and gelatinous when it comes in contact with moisture.
  • HemoCell can be cut to the desired size.

Clinical Evaluation Results

  • HemoCell was evaluated by 25 consultants in 214 uses.
  • HemoCell is individually packaged for convenient dispensing. The foil packets are easy to store and convenient to add to a procedure setup.
  • Useful to control bleeding of minor lacerations and after extractions.
  • Most effective if the gel is left in place, not rinsed off.


HemoCell Topical Hemostatic Gauze Dressing is a 2 x 2 cm sterile fabric that is manufactured from regenerated cellulose.


Hemostatic dressing for use in first-aid and surgical procedures.

 How it works

When HemoCell comes into contact with blood or fluid, it absorbs moisture, rapidly becoming an adherent gel, expanding and creating pressure to help seal off blood vessels. It becomes a scaffold for platelet adhesion, promoting clotting. It is water soluble and can be rinsed away if desired. If left in place, it will safely break down into glucose and saline.

Suggested Retail Cost

$94.99/box of 20