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Greater Curve Tofflemire Band

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great for subgingival restorations.”
  • “It produces a cervical seal without a wedge.”
  • “Useful for large, deep class IV restorations – does a good job of producing the correct emergence profile.”
  • “Nice product for certain situations but will not replace all of my bands.”
  • “Sometimes the band slips from the Tofflemire retainer.”


Greater Curve is a Tofflemire band indicated for use in placing direct composite restorations. The accentuated curve throughout the band allows for greater cervical seal of restorations. This design allows for restorations to be placed without using wedges to keep the band adapted to the cervical area of a tooth preparation. The extra curvature of Greater Curve allows for isolation of subgingival preparations and at the same time creates the correct emergence profile of the restoration. Each package includes eight dozen bands. Twenty-eight consultants evaluated Greater Curve in over 100 uses. This product received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants found that the Greater Curve Tofflemire band adapted tightly to the cervical area of preparations without the placement of a wedge. The band is as easy to place as a traditional Tofflemire band. While the thickness of the band helps it maintain its contour, some consultants preferred a thinner band that is more malleable. The technique, suggested in the directions, of cutting a small hole in the matrix near the contact point after the band is placed, was received with mixed reactions. Most consultants noted that this product was extremely useful in certain difficult-to-restore situations, along with being excellent for creating the correct emergence profile in subgingival restorations. Seventy-two percent of consultants found Greater Curve to be as good as or better than their current band, while 61% of consultants would recommend or switch to it.

Clinical Tips

  • View the manufacturer’s website for techniques to enhance interproximal contacts.