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Great White H Series

S.S. White Burs, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very smooth cutting – less chatter when cutting through any metal.”
  • “Great cutting efficiency when removing old metal crowns. Diamonds are still necessary with ceramics and zirconia.”
  • “Burs wear out quickly.”


The Great White H Series are autoclavable carbide burs designed for cutting metal, especially for the removal of semi-precious and non-precious crowns, removing old restorations and for creating endodontic access through metal substructures. They are designed with unique blade geometery and a thicker neck to reduce breakage. Great White H Series carbide burs are available in three sizes: GWH340, GWH342 and GWH342L, each in blister packages of ten. Great White H Series were used by 29 consultants in 650 uses. The product received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants observed that the Great White H Series carbide burs fit well in the handpiece and had good concentricity. On first use, the burs cut through metal very well. The burs can be sterilized, but most consultants reported that cutting efficiency decreased somewhat after sterilization. Most burs were worn out after use on a single case. The smaller diameter burs produced less chatter than the larger size. Clogging resistance was good. Fifty-five percent of consultants reported that Great White H Series carbide burs were better than their current carbide burs and 31% reported they were equivalent. Sixty-two percent would switch and 79% would recommend the product.

Clinical Tips

  • Use angulation of bur for initial cut. Once bur starts to cut, less angulation is needed.
  • Use a lot of water to cut down on heat.