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FoamEZ Splash Hood Liner

Richmond Dental and Medical

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Without a doubt it has protected my prosthetics from breaking – the soft liner saved me a lab repair.”
  • “FoamEZ allows for easy cleaning of the lathe hood and the soft material is a safety cushion.”
  • “Did not fit my hood with the built-in light.”


FoamEZ Splash Hood Liner covers the internal surface of the splash hood of a dental lathe to help catch debris and facilitate easy clean up. The foam liners also provide a soft cushion to protect restorations from cracks or chips should they slip during polishing. FoamEZ Splash Hood Liners are available in two-count packages. FoamEZ Splash Hood Liner was evaluated by 19 consultants in 249 uses. This liner received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

FoamEZ Splash Hood Liner offers protection to items being polished on a lathe if they unexpectedly catch on the wheel and are flung against the back of the splash hood. It also kept grit confined inside the hood and made cleanup easier. The majority of consultants were not using any sort of splash hood liner; a few were using household products such as a paper towel or aluminum foil. The fit and contour of the liner was not form-fitted to consultants’ splash hoods, and the liner sometimes had to be trimmed to fit. Sixty-three percent of consultants rated FoamEZ Splash Hood Liner better than their current splash hood liner and 5% rated it equivalent. Forty-seven percent of consultants would switch to FoamEZ Splash Hood Liner and 53% would recommend it to a colleague.