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Flexitime Xtreme

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Good detail reproduction.”
  • “The material sets fast and the margins are easy to read.”
  • “Less waste because of the smaller mixing tips.”
  • “The light viscosity stacks well.”
  • “It is difficult to see how much material is remaining in the cartridge.”


Flexitime Xtreme is an addition silicone impression material that is available in wash (green) and tray (purple) viscosities. It differs from the original Flexitime by having a faster setting time and a wild berry scent. It is also highly hydrophilic. The material contains a unique formula, ATS (Advanced ThermaSense), which is sensitive to mouth temperature to allow a flexible working time of 30-90 seconds. The intraoral setting time is 90 seconds. The Starter Kit contains four, 50-ml cartridges of the tray material; two, 50-ml cartridges of light body; and mixing and intraoral tips. Twenty-four consultants evaluated Flexitime Xtreme in more than 212 clinical applications. This product received a 95% clinical rating.


Product Features

Flexitime Xtreme received very good ratings for every characteristic evaluated including viscosities of the wash and tray materials, tear resistance and lack of voids. The flexible working time provides enough time to take an impression of one or two preparations, while the fast intraoral set increases patient comfort. The set impressions exhibit excellent margin detail, which is easily visualized with the color contrast of the wash and tray materials. Patients responded favorably to the wild berry scent, and no reports of poorly fitting restorations were generated during the clinical evaluation. The majority of consultants rated Flexitime Xtreme equivalent to or better than their current impression material, while 82% would recommend it.