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Consultants’ Comments

  • “I love the putty – it has a good texture and is not sticky.”
  • “Great to have some control of the working time.”
  • “Very little force is required to dispense material from the gun.”
  • “The product label covers the entire cartridge, masking the amount of material remaining.”
  • “The tray adhesive is too runny.”


Flexitime is a hydrophilic, addition silicone impression material, which is provided in the following viscosities: Monophase, Correct Flow – light-body, Heavy Tray – heavybody, and Easy Putty. Three of the viscosities are available in 50-ml cartridges, and the putty is supplied in 600-ml tubs. Heavy Tray and Monophase are also available for use with the Pentamix delivery system. The trial kit contains sufficient material along with a dispensing gun, mixing tips, and tray adhesive. Flexitime has a unique formula that allows a range of working times from 30 seconds to 2:30. The set is accelerated by mouth temperature and the set time is 2:30 after insertion. Eight consultants evaluated Flexitime in 115 clinical cases. This product received a 97% clinical rating.


Editors’ Note: The original evaluation was published in THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol. 18, No. 3, April 2001.