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FibreKleer 4X

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Drills are well matched to posts.”
  • “Very good radiopacity.”
  • “I like the choice of shapes.”
  • “The packaging is great.”
  • “Posts are easy to trim.”
  • “Offer one larger size.”


FibreKleer 4X are pre-silanated fiber posts that feature longitudinal glass fibers bundled in a resin matrix. The radiopacity of each FibreKleer 4X post is equivalent to 400% of aluminum to facilitate identification on radiographs. Drills and posts are color-coded by size, and they are available in three designs: parallel with a retentive head, tapered, and original serrated. FibreKleer 4X posts are indicated for retaining core build-ups in endodontically treated teeth that have a minimum of 2 mm of coronal tooth structure above the crestal bone. Each kit includes five posts in small, medium and large sizes, plus one drill of each size in a metal case. Refill kits of 10 posts are also available. FibreKleer 4X was evaluated by 30 consultants in 339 uses. This product received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

FibreKleer 4X posts and drills are organized in a metal bur block for convenient selection of sizes. The block holds the components securely during use and storage. FibreKleer 4X kits are available in the dentist’s choice of post style. Consultants were evenly divided on their preference for tapered, parallel or serrated posts. The drills match the post sizes well, and the color-coding clearly identifies the sizes. Radiopacity was rated as very good, as was the fit of the post to the prepared space. Forty-seven percent of consultants found FibreKleer 4X to be better than their current fiber posts. 53% found them to be equivalent. Seventy-seven percent would switch to FibreKleer 4X, and 90% would recommend them to a colleague.