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Evolve 300

Consultants’ Comments

  • “It’s one of the best feeling nitrile gloves.”
  • “Gloves do not stick together and are easy to remove from the box.”
  • “Go on easily.”
  • “Extremely soft and comfortable.”
  • “Cheerful color.”
  • “Sizes run slightly large.”


Evolve 300 is an ultra-lightweight, powder-free nitrile exam glove that combines high tensile strength with exceptional tactile sensitivity. Evolve 300 are designed with a silk-like softness that provides a bare hand feel that contours to the clinician’s hands. Textured fingertips provide both agility and dexterity, enhancing excellent grip, even in wet conditions. Evolve 300 gloves are royal blue in color and come 300 to a box in five sizes, extra-small to extra-large. Evolve 300 was evaluated by 43 consultants in 3430 uses. This nitrile glove received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

Evolve 300 is a very soft, flexible glove that provides a comfortable fit, even for extended periods of time. This nitrile material has some stretch and flexibility to conform to the hand. The texture on the fingertips aids in grip and is less slippery than some other nitriles, and the thinness contributes to comfort and tactile sense. Minimal tearing was noted; occasionally a glove would tear at the cuff during donning. Users of other nitrile gloves found Evolve 300 caused less feeling of hand constriction and strain. Hands also feel soft upon removal.

Suggested Retail Cost

$19.99/box of 300