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Evadyne Plus


Consultants’ Comments

  • “Good material for temporarily filling endodontic access openings.”
  • “Sticky material adapts to margins but cannot be sculpted.”
  • “Instructions and labeling of syringe need improvement.”
  • “Make the syringe wider and shorter.”
  • “Increase depth of cure to allow bulk placement.”


Evadyne Plus is a light-cured temporary filling material that remains flexible after setting. Some indications include provisional inlays, onlays and endodontic access fillings. Evadyne Plus is a slightly yellow, translucent paste that contains urethane resin and fluoride-releasing glass ionomer. It has a depth of cure of 6-10 mm and a curing time of 5-20 seconds depending on the light-curing unit. It is available in 5 g syringes with 15 single-use tips, angled for placement directly into the cavity preparation without an instrument. Evadyne Plus may be removed in bulk with an explorer. Evadyne Plus was evaluated by 26 consultants in 379 uses. This temporary filling material received an 85% clinical rating.

Product Features

Evadyne Plus is easy to use and dispense directly into the tooth. The low viscosity material adapts to the cavity walls, and consultants felt this enhanced the sealing of the tooth. This resin material is sticky and cannot be sculpted before light curing. The syringe has a very long plunger that is hard to fit into the hand until it is partially empty. The translucent color of Evadyne Plus was acceptable at placement, but it picked up stain over time. The rubbery nature of the cured material makes it easy to remove. Consultants reported novel uses for Evadyne Plus, including filling implant screw holes and sealing around rubber dam clamps. Durability and retention were reported to be inconsistent. Twenty-seven percent of consultants rated Evadyne Plus better than other temporary filling materials they were using and 42% rated it to be equivalent. Forty-six percent would switch to Evadyne Plus and 61% would recommend it to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • A separating agent must be applied before placing Evadyne Plus on top of a resin-based liner.

  • Store at room temperature and recap after each use.

  • Use Evadyne Plus in a clear matrix for fabrication of temporary inlays/onlays.

  • A fine, football-shaped diamond can be used for occlusal adjustment.