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E-STATIS Electric Handpiece System


The E-STATIS Electric Handpiece System can be mounted either internally or externally on the dental unit and offers a removable LCD touch screen which can be integrated into any location. All E-STATIS components are modular and can be placed anywhere you choose. The unit comes programmed with three standard operative modes and five endodontic settings. All programs are fully customizable. The E-STATIS motor has a speed range from 100-40,000 rpm and is fully autoclavable with brushless technology. It comes complete with a three-year warranty for both the motor and control box. The 1:5 attachment (high speed) and 1:1 attachments offer a dual light source, a three-port water spray universal E-Style motor and can be sterilized to 135°C. Program options include auto-stop, auto-reverse, auto-forward, auto-reverse forward; speed; torque and light output. The system includes the E-STATIS motor, electric control box, touch screen, and operators manual and product literature. The “E- style” attachments available through SciCan include a 1:5L speed increasing attachment, 1:1L attachment, 4:1 endodontic attachment, and a 1:1 ST straight attachment. E-STATIS was evaluated by six Editors in 325 uses. E-STATIS received a 94% clinical rating.

Editors’ Observations

Manufacturer’s Instructions

Editors’ rated the instructions as very good. The instructions thoroughly covered use of the E-STATIS system.

Appearance and Design

Appearance and design were rated excellent. For this evaluation, the control boxes were placed on the bracket trays rather than being installed internally in the dental units. Editors would have preferred the internal installation for a more streamlined appearance. The touch screen has a modern appearance.

Ease of Integration

Once installed, E-STATIS was easy to use and was rated excellent by the Editors. The motor connects to one of the ports on the delivery unit and responds to the foot pedal like any other handpiece. As the user switches from high-speed to low-speed attachments, it is important to remember to touch the screen to change the program that corresponds to the attachment in use.

Connecting Attachments to Motor

Attachments require a firm push and “click” into place when fully seated.

Programming Motor Torque

Ease of programming motor torque was rated excellent. All of the programming on the touch screen is intuitive and can be changed quickly.

Convenience of Preset Operative and Endodontic Settings

Editors rated the operative settings as excellent and did not need to change the factory presets for normal high-speed and low-speed use. The endodontic settings required customization based on the recommendations of the manufacturers of the rotary file systems being used.

Usefulness of Common Handpiece and Customizable Transmissions (Gear Ratios)

Editors liked the gear ratios provided. Both common and customizable transmissions were rated as very good.

Convenience of Removable Touch Pad

In this evaluation, all of the Editors found it was most convenient to leave the touch screen on the control box. None mounted it remotely. The touch screen was easy to use and was rated as very good.

Noiseless Operation and Smoothness of Operation

Overall E-STATIS provides operation that is smoother and quieter than air-driven handpieces.

Torque Output

Torque output was rated very good. Procedures could easily be accomplished with the pre-set programs.

Feel of Handpiece/Ergonomics

Feel of the handpiece was rated good. Several Editors commented that the handpiece was heavy, which is common to electric handpieces.

Dual Light Source

Light output is excellent from the dual light source. The lights are separated from the smooth curves of the handpiece by a rectangular surround. These sharp angles at times interfered with access to the tooth during use.

Access in Mouth (Head Size)

Editors reported that the head size was large and they would like an optional small-sized, high-speed attachment.

Three-port Spray

Effectiveness of the three-port water spray was rated as very good. Abundant water to the operative area kept debris washed off. Editors that had E-STATIS Systems installed on continental-style delivery units reported that water dripped from the handpiece after the motor was turned off.

Cleaning the Control Box, Motor and Attachments

The control box and touch screen are sealed for protection from moisture and can be wiped with available disinfectants. Sterilizing the motor and attachments in an autoclave follows familiar routines.


Thirty-three percent of Editors reported that E-STATIS was better, whereas 67% reported it was the same as their current electric handpiece. Sixty-seven percent would switch and 100% would recommend it.