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Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejectors

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I loved that they did not lock on to the patient’s tissue.”
  • “Without holes in the end, the tip did not clog as easily. Great feature!”
  • “My patients were very comfortable when I was using this ejector tip.”


Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejectors have a soft tip designed for increased performance with greater patient comfort. The smooth, bullet-shaped tip is firmly attached to a white-colored tube. The tube is easily adjusted or bent to custom fit intraorally. The tip is designed with long, tapered slots on the sides but not on the end. This design increases suction efficiency and helps prevent locking of tissue at its end. Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejectors are single-use and are available in bags of 100. The tips were used in over 1300 clinical procedures by 33 consultants. This product received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

The smooth tips of Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejectors were well received by patients and practitioners. Consultants found that there was little to no locking onto tissue, resulting in a more comfortable experience for the patient. Hygienists and solo practitioners particularly liked Comfort Plus because the saliva ejector did not grab or suction the soft tissue, making working without an assistant easier. The tubes bend easily and maintain their position, increasing the comfort of the consultant and improving the field of vision. The opaque white color of the tube is easily seen in the mouth and masks the sight of evacuated fluids. Consultants reported that suction was impaired with a shallow pool of saliva due to the position of the slots on the tip. Eighty-two percent of consultants found that Comfort Plus Saliva Ejectors were equal to or better than their current saliva ejectors, while 61% would recommend the product to a colleague.