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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Made repairing incisal fractures very easy and predictable.”
  • “Easy to place and remove.”
  • “Softer composites are easier to pack into the form.”
  • “Hard to pass through an interproximal contact.”
  • “Poor identification system for forms – size selection is confusing.”


CoForm is a transparent incisal angle matrix form made from celluloid plastic. It is indicated as an aid in Class IV composite restorations. The matrix is transparent to allow light-curing and does not stick to the resin composite. CoForm matrices are pre-cut for mesial or distal angles in four sizes for various anterior teeth. Each box contains 128 matrices in a clinical dispenser. CoForm was evaluated by 21 consultants in 297 uses. It received a 90% clinical rating.

Product Features

CoForm is a convenient option to help form the composite when placing Class IV restorations. Once the proper size is selected, the cervical extent can be trimmed with scissors and then held in place by hand or with a wedge. Especially with some of the creamier composites, a pre-formed matrix aids in handling and forming the material. Size selection is extensive. Many consultants found the numbering and organization of the kit to be confusing, and they re-labeled the boxes with tooth numbers to hasten selection chairside. The forms worked best when the contact area of the tooth was light or missing. Fit to the incisal edge was considered ideal, and visibility through the clear matrix was excellent. Forty-three percent of consultants found CoForm to be better than their current method of placing Class IV composites. Fifty-seven percent would switch to CoForm, and 67% would recommend it.

Clinical Tip

Trimming the cervical portion properly is key.