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CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick

Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Perfect viscosity. Ease of use and speed were great.”
  • “I love the unit dose – so easy to use, and there was plenty of adhesive for most procedures in each one.”
  • “Great for replacement of silane to prime crowns for cementation with resin cements – will self-cure with the dual-cured resin.”
  • “Loved the fact that it is compatible with dual/self-cured resins and also love that it can be used in self-cured mode with CLEARFIL DC Activator. It’s applicable for all bonding procedures.”
  • “Great product. A ‘go to’ bonding agent.”
  • “The access hole in the unit dose was a little small.”
  • “I’d switch if it did not require refrigeration. Would prefer if it were a little less thick.”
  • “The quick rub and cure were really helpful when the area was difficult to isolate.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use the unit dose if doing quadrants or more than one tooth; use bottle if doing only one tooth.
  • A gentle air stream before blowing excess away seemed to help spread it into any areas that may have been missed by the applicator brush.
  • Carefully twist and then snap-off the top of the unit dose.
  • Remember that you don’t have to rub this bonding agent in place for 20 seconds.

Evaluation Highlights

CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick was evaluated by 31 consultants for a total of 1,065 times.
  • Easy to dispense and place.
  • Bottle and unit dose options.
  • Good viscosity – thinly coats the surface where applied.
  • Quick, simple and versatile.
  • Suitable for all bonding procedures.

Unique Features

  • Contains silane (bonds to lithium disilicate and porcelain).
  • May be used as a self-cured adhesive with CLEARFIL DC Activator.


CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is a fluoride-releasing, universal adhesive with MDP monomer and amide monomer chemistry that provides rapid bond technology. The amide monomer rapidly permeates dentin and enamel, eliminating wait time after application. There is no need for long rubbing application of the adhesive into the dentin. In addition, it is more hydrophilic than HEMA and absorbs less fluid. The MDP monomer creates a strong chemical bond to hydroxyapatite for excellent adhesion. When mixed with CLEARFIL DC Activator, which is available in 4 mL bottles, this bonding agent  ecomes dual-cure and has universal use with both self- and dual-cured resin cements and core build-up resins. CLEARFIL
Universal Bond Quick is available in 5 mL bottles, packs of 3 bottles and as a standard kit containing 1 bottle of bonding agent, a 3 mL syringe of K-ETCHANT Syringe, 20 needle tips, a dispensing dish, 50 fine applicator brushes, and a light-locking plate. CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is also available in unit doses, either 50 or 100 to a pack, together with a 3 mL syringe of K-ETCHANT Syringe, 20 needle tips and 50 or 100 fine applicator brushes, respectively.