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Build-It Light Cure Core Material

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Packs and sculpts easily.”
  • “I like the single dose capsules.”
  • “Great for those large post and core build ups; it cuts and feels like dentin.”
  • “I would like the syringe tip to be a slightly smaller diameter to make for an easier injection around tight corners and small spaces.”
  • “I would like more contrast in color between core material and tooth.”


Build-It Light Cure Core Material is a light-cured, Bis-GMA & BPA-free composite indicated for use as a core build-up material on vital and non-vital teeth and as a restorative material. It is compatible with 4th– to 7th-generation bonding agents. The material is radiopaque, highly translucent, and available in syringe or single dose in a translucent shade. Build-It Light Cure Core Material is cured for 20 seconds per surface with a curing light with an output in excess of 600 mW/cm2. According to the manufacturer, the material has a 10 mm depth of cure. The Syringe Kit contains two, 2.2-ml syringes. Single doses of 0.25 g are provided in a 30-count bottle. Build-It Light Cure Core Material was evaluated by 30 consultants in 613 uses. It received a 90% clinical rating.

Product Showcase

Most of the consultants liked the handling characteristics of Build-It Light Cure Core Material. It is sculptable without being sticky to instruments, and it stays where placed without slumping. For certain indications, such as adaptation around pins, posts and undercuts, consultants preferred a more flowable material. After light curing, the material has a very hard surface, and consultants commented that the material cuts like dentin. The translucent shade blends well enough with the tooth to be used under esthetic ceramic restorations, yet it can be visually differentiated from dentin. The tip of the single-dose capsule has a wide opening to allow easy extrusion of the material; however, in some cases, the tip was too wide for access into narrow areas. Twenty-seven percent of consultants reported that Build-It Light Cure Core Material was better than their current composite core material and 37% reported that it was equivalent. Forty percent would switch to Build-It Light Cure Core Material and 70% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Dim overhead light while using this material to avoid premature setting.
  • Ensure that the light tip is in close proximity to the material to achieve maximum curing.
  • Place an initial increment into the deepest areas and cure. Use a contact former to enhance proximal contacts.