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Bluephase Style

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Lightweight and ergonomically friendly.”
  • “Easy to get in tight spaces.”
  • “Easy, stable docking.”
  • “Quiet operation.”
  • “Illuminated docking station has a high-tech appearance.”
  • “Make the activation button less sensitive.”
  • “Add a five-second time option.”


Bluephase Style is a cordless LED curing light designed with “polywave” broadband spectrum technology making it suitable for the polymerization of light-curing dental materials between the wavelengths of 385-515 nm. This includes restoratives, bonding agents/adhesives, bases, liners, fissure sealants, temporaries, and luting materials for brackets and indirect restorations. It has a light intensity of 1100 mW/cm² and curing time selections of 10, 15, 20 and 30 seconds. The lithium-polymer battery is manufactured to last approximately 2 ½ years, takes approximately 2 hours to completely charge and has a total curing capacity of 20 minutes. The unit includes an induction-charging base with corded operation of the light as an option. Bluephase Style is available with blue, gray or pink color bands and includes a 10-mm light probe, three anti-glare cones, 50 protective sleeves, lithium polymer battery, charging base, and power supply cord. Bluephase Style was evaluated by 14 consultants in 605 uses. This LED curing light received a 96% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

Bluephase Style is a slim, lightweight curing light with comfortable ergonomics. The pen-style light is designed for simple use and has only two buttons. One button changes the time setting and the other is used for activation. The activation button is sensitive, requiring the lightest touch. The display is easy to read as it counts down the time. Consultants found this light reached posterior teeth well. The inductive charging does not use battery contacts so the light unit drops in place in any orientation. Forty-three percent of consultants rated Bluephase Style better than other LED curing lights they were using and 36% rated it equivalent. Eighty-six percent would switch to Bluephase Style and would recommend it to a colleague.